Through A Glass, Darkly

Altered image of stemware reflected in marble dining table.

I seem to have a thing for stemware. What can I say, a girl’s gotta have her motifs.

A Year Ago: Asheville Stars

Hanging star-shaped lamps in shop window.Just a quick note to assure you all that I’m still alive…
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Mushroom sprouting from tree trunk.

It’s been a whirlwind of socializing and blessing and eating and all. I’m pretty tuckered out.

But I did want to stop and note that this photograph was taken by a camera phone. A camera. In my phone. Have people already stopped being amazed by this?

C’mon, look at it! It’s a macro photo of a mushroom. It has startling sharpness in all the right places, and decent bokeh everywhere else. All from a lens smaller than a ladybug.


Technology is awesome.

Looming, Green

Trees and tree branches with leaves.

Maybe if I keep posting pictures of trees I’ll manage to stay calm despite the many things.

Forest Sentinel

Black and white pictures of hollowed out tree.

I’ve just been crazy busy. Don’t know which way is up. And it’s going to be like this for awhile. I am grateful to all six of my faithful readers for hanging in there with me.

Two Years Ago: Neighborhood Sunset

Twilight mamillae, Washington, DCWe’re all feeling a little brutalized by the weather, in these parts…
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The Kiss

Black & white image of just married couple.

To marry is an act of great optimism, of enormous affirmation, of communal celebration.

I was honored to be present at the union of this lovely couple and privileged to be their photographer for the occasion.

Long life and love, Georgeanne and Charlie!

Two Years Ago: To Accept Whatever Comes

John Cage quotation on Asheville Alley wall, site of original Black Mountain College, NCOur contemporary culture doesn’t give much consideration to the practice of equanimity…
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Flower Pot

Flowers in ceramic pot on porch.

Most of the things that keep me awake to the beauty of the world are no big deal. They’re not showstoppers: the gaudy sunsets, the stunning confluence of shapes and colors, the extraordinarily lovely person. No, most of the time it’s quiet little things, like the late afternoon light raking across plants in a blue ceramic pot sitting on a stoop.

I’m lucky that these radiant small things glow so brightly in my mind’s eye.

Two Years Ago: The Open Road

View through the windshield of sunset landscape.Okay, first of all, do not do this
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Have A Seat

All Souls Bench, Asheville, NC

People do actually “sit a spell” hereabouts.

A Year Ago: Mountain Magic

Clouds and fog over the Pisgah mountains.No matter what the frustrations or pains, a few minutes in this landscape will alter my frame of mind for the better…
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Evening Cloudscape

Panoramic view of early evening clouds, Asheville, NC
For hugeous version, click here.

And here you have it: why I sit on my porch in the evening. Well, one of the reasons. But it’s a good one, don’t you think?

Oh, and have a look at what I was photographing at this time last year. Quite the coinkidink. (I swear I only noticed this as I was making this post. I had to change the title of this post because I already had used “Cloudscape,” but I didn’t know when ’til I went to the fetch the “year ago” link.)

Western North Carolina—bringing you spectacular cloudscapes, year after year.

A Year Ago: Cloudscape

Early evening clouds, Asheville, NCI went out intending to photograph the supermoon
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Graffiti Corner

Painted & textured wall.

I love alleyways. I love the behind-the-sceneness of them. Their furtive air, where secrets are enacted out in the open. They are the private life of the urban street.

Take sensible precautions, but walk an alley now and then.

A Year Ago: Innards Redux

Decaying big rig interior machinery.My poor digestive tract has not been entirely settled since my appendectomy
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Alley graffiti-mural, Asheville, NC

Asheville’s got a lot of murals, sometimes in hidden, unexpected places. They change pretty often too.

This one somehow seems appropriate for the advent of Summer.

A Year Ago: Nothing Is Perfect

Rose with fly.Some people might argue that nothingness is indeed the only possible perfection…
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