Monthly Archives: October 2009

Glad She Was Born

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn!

Ghost Season

Plant with white leaves.

There’s something about an albino that’s uncanny. This plant is both spooky and funereal.

Shiny & Clean

Kettle on stovetop.

Shiny kettle. Clean stovetop. Aaaaaaah.

Green ‘n’ Rusty

Old railroad pylon.

Rusty? Check!
Disused? Check!
Being reclaimed by nature? Check!
By now you know: this is my kind of thing.


Leaf caught in frayed rope.

Write your own.


Yellow leaves.

Fall is beautiful.

Late Exuberance

Flowers on stone wall.

Against the autumnal tones of the stone wall, these lingering flowers are saying “Still alive, still lively, still here!” The tangle of stems and seed-buds shows no signs of surrender.

Spiffy Infographic

Space Exploration

It’s worth having a look at the full size version of this graphic depiction of space exploration missions.

House of Knowledge

Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, Washington, DC

The Library of Congress gives me a warm, fuzzy, proud ‘n’ patriotic feeling.

Camouflage of Decay

Rotting leaf on log.

Of everything I’ve ever photographed in color, this log with white fungi and the gradually fading remains of a decaying leaf looks most like a colorized black-and-white image.