Monthly Archives: December 2009

Out with the Old…

Red berries in the rain & snow.

May your New Year’s Eve be safe and fun! See you next year. (It just never gets old.)

Another Distressed Surface

Stanchion Detail

I feel a growing affinity for the flaking, rusting things of this world. They have the dignity of perseverance, even as they crumble.


Bob in repose.

Bob in repose.


Juniper berries with water droplets.

These look almost good enough to eat. Are they juniper berries? I gather that those get used to flavor gin… is that right?

Star of Wonder

Ice impression.

Appropriately enough, this sigil was emblazoned on the paved terrace outside my church this Sunday morning.

Jewels in the Rain

Colorful leaves with raindrops.

The pattern of Fall and Winter so far has been: one day of sun, five days of miserable precipitation. Accordingly, today was unremittingly foggy and drizzly. Undaunted, I went forth in search of my daily quantum of beauty. And here it is.

Merry Christmas

Outdoor furniture in the snow

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season with friends and family. Peace on earth, goodwill to all!


Metal chair backs in the snow.

A stroll this afternoon presented a vast array of photographic challenges: high contrast snow and glare, piercing blue skies, and chilly temperatures. Yet I took at least a dozen pictures I’m happy with. Check out the faithful rendition of the irridescent oxidation on the chair back here. New camera: YAY!

My New Joy-Toy

Tree of Life Window, National Airport, Washington, DC

Main Terminal, National Airport, Washington, DC

Staircase Panels, National Airport, Washington, DC

Interior, National Airport, Washington, DC

Bannister, National Airport, Washington, DC

Flag at National Airport, Washington, DC

So there I was, at National Airport, to collect my holiday visitor. I had some time to kill before his plane arrived, and ~ whaddaya know ~ I just happened to have acquired a new camera the day before. I spent a happy half an hour wandering around the terminal, beginning to learn how to use it. What fun! Big, luscious images to work with, an expanded gamut, what a treat!

Christmas Tree, National Airport, Washington, DC


Washington Area Satellite Photo after Snowstorm

The snow was a pretty substantial inconvenience for everybody, but it’s both lovely and fascinating from several miles up. Photo courtesy of NASA.