Monthly Archives: December 2009

Blue Light Special

Chair and shadows

Having escaped, with the help of friend Deb, from my apartment and the slush of sidewalks, we found ourselves at Tara Thai on Massachusetts Avenue for lunch. Even more than the flavorful food, the company, the sunshine, and this splash of equatorial color were balm to the cabin-fevered soul.

Almost Black & White

Branching twigs and shadows on snow.

Daytime, Snow

Screen window with snow and shadow.

A little mini-snowdrift in my window. The melting has already begun; I may venture forth this afternoon to dig out my car.

Nighttime, Snow


I went to entrance of my apartment building in my clogs, with a coat thrown over sweatpants and t-shirt. I leaned out the front door and took this picture. And that’s just about enough of that!

Maple Snow

Japanese Maple leaves on the ground.

Washington is bracing for ten or more inches of snow. I prefer it when the flakes covering the ground are fallen maple leaves.

Pear, Transformed

Pear Block

Another textile design, based on the Lyric Pear.

Warm & Cosy

Tryst, Adams Morgan, DC

When it’s chilly out, and the world seems more than usually harsh, it’s nice to have a welcoming place to stop in at. Today, for me, it was Tryst in Adams Morgan. Free wifi, a good latte, and a nice salad in a comfortable chair. Just right.

‘Tis the Season

Champagne Flutes and Ice Bucket

Surely we can come up with a reason to celebrate…?

New Vista

lame Nebula

A new land-based infrared telescope called Vista has started producing images. Awesome.

Not the Tropics


It’s cold and relentlessly rainy, not a day for green. The steely profile of bamboo seems about right.