Monthly Archives: February 2010

Steampunk Vines

Georgetown, Washington DC

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to post while I’m away in Albuquerque. Please enjoy the nature-artifice combo of this image in the meantime.

What February Feels Like

Dried leaves on a vine.

I’m going to Albuquerque on Thursday evening (assuming the next snowstorm doesn’t shut down DCA). I’m looking foward to seeing my sister and her husband, and Bob who will be joining me from Las Vegas. I’m hoping for sunshine, too.

Strange Light

Reflected sunlight, Arlington, VA

Here’s another example of reflected light illuminating the mundane in an unexpected way. Where is the sun in this picture? It’s to the left and behind a building.

Material Mistake

Construction materials (bolt plates).

I had set my camera to its highest available ISO the other night, thinking I was going to try to photograph in a darkened room. I didn’t. But I forget to reset the ISO to something more normal.

So when I took the picture above, the 1600 ISO shot in normal daylight resulted in something I hadn’t seen in quite a while: grain. Grain looks different from typical pixels. And I actually think THIS grain is beautiful. Have a look at the big version.

Beautiful Trash

Plastic bag in gutter.

Some of us live among the stars, but I’m looking at the gutter.

Hydrant in Chains

Fire hydrant, Arlington, VA

I spent 45 blustery minutes wandering around outside this afternoon.

Have Mercy

Snow-covered cactus outside Mexican restaurant.

Submitted without comment, because ~ really ~ what is there to say at this point?

I promise I will try to get somewhere and take pictures of something different and more interesting tomorrow.

Wonderful Photo Essay

I am utterly fed up with a) the snow and b) pictures of the snow.

I recommend you have a look at Days With My Father by photographer/artist Phillip Toledano, one of the most beautiful photo essays I’ve ever seen.

To those of us with either aging parents, or ones who have already died, this essay speaks especially eloquently. Toledano’s other work is worth a look as well.

The Lion in Winter

Stone sculpture covered in snow.

…giving new meaning to the term “snowy mane.”


Washington National Cathedral after a snowstorm

There are some serious advantages to living across the street from a fabulous piece of art.