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Valley of Fire, NV

It was a day of dentistry and the unpacking of new technology. So no new pictures, but another from Valley of Fire. I like this one because it has an ambiguous sense of scale: how big are those trees/bushes, that bunch of rocks, the mountains in the distance?

In An Unusual Light

Walking Shopper (male)

I haven’t done much photographing of people in a long, long time (once upon a time, it was my livelihood). I’d quite like to get back to it, in an exploratory way.

I’m a huge fan of light that bounces off of windows or mirrors onto otherwise nondescript surfaces, thereby transforming them. In this instance, I was lucky enough to have a pedestrian illuminated as well.

Valley of Fire

Rock in Valley of Fire, NV

I spent a wonderful couple of hours wandering around this state park with Bob. These images are a small sample of the wonders to be seen. This location will surely reward multiple visits.

Valley of Fire: Arch

This barrier was intended only for motor vehicles.

Brush Gate

We stayed until sunset. A nearly full moon was rising in the East.

Fire Canyon Moonrise


Ice Cream Shop

I continue to be wobbly and a little woozy. I’ve got some sort of ear infection, I think.

Confusing Passage

Self-portrait in distorting column

I’m in Las Vegas and I’ve been feeling unwell for a couple of days… lightheaded and woozy. This image gives a sense of the problem.


Amphitheatre at Arlington National Cemetary

I’m traveling for a week or so; it’s possible I may miss a few days’ posting. And when I do post, it may be from the stockpile, like this one from last Sunday’s visit to Arlington Cemetery.

Grain and Flakes

Locked door, peeling paint

Two different distressed surfaces, and some metal.

Arlington House

Arlington House, VA (Custis-Lee Mansion)

I spent several hours on Sunday wandering around Arlington Cemetery. The Custis-Lee Mansion is stuck partway through renovation, for lack of funds, which I find absolutely preposterous and shameful.

Glen Echo

Glen Echo (Distortion), MD

Glen Echo Park is a strange hybrid of a place. The oddest thing about it is a bunch of loving restorations that are not being used at all (never mind for their intended purposes).

They have a lively art workshop scene, and in the summer it apparently runs riot with children. But no bumper cars, and no actual crystal pool.

No Weight

The incredible lightness of being? | Click to view larger.

You know my eye was caught by the arrow, the numbers, and that tasty, tasty rust.