Monthly Archives: March 2010

Under Construction

Construction site fencing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about technical matters, because I’m going to have to rebuild this blog soon, and I’ll probably want to mix some other stuff into the SomeBeaut site. It’s all going to be a boatload of work.

I’m gradually beefing up my technology infrastructure though, so at least the “But my computer sucks!” excuse will not longer apply. April will officially be Full Steam Ahead Month.

Autumn Leaves Before Spring

Glover Park

Glorious weather today almost made me believe that winter is done and Spring is waiting next door for permission to enter. Looking at this picture, you might imagine that somehow we skipped winter altogether.

If only.


Remnant of snow on sidewalk. | Click to view larger.

Only the presence of 60+ degree sunshine could make this scene beautiful.


Sculpture detail from Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC

Okay, I confess: this image was not taken in the last 72 hours. Anyone can see that. After all, there is clearly some SUNLIGHT showing in this picture.

Worst. Winter. EVAR.

In A Glass

Landscape in mirror

There’s always a frame, and there’s always distortion. Some are just more easily spotted than others.



Some transitions are more clearly delineated than others.

Nature v. Nurture

Sculpture detail, Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC

Another image from the grounds of the Katzen Art Center.


Sculpture 'Akhenaton' at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC

It’s been a while since I looked at sculpture. Several years ago, the Katzen Art Center opened just up Massachusetts Avenue from me. It’s about a quarter mile away. Have I been inside yet? NO. (Muttering. Shame. Embarrrassment.)

Finally, I went by and gave the exterior, complete with staircases, fountains, and sculpture garden, a thorough going-over. And I actually liked quite a bit of what I saw.

Can the interior be far behind?

After The Flood

Billy Goat Trail Beach

I like to think this shows the aftermath of high water as Dürer might have portrayed it. If he’d had a camera. Okay, and a computer. WHATEVER.

Please make sure to look at the larger version of this, because it’s all about the details.

A Natural Mess

Woodland pond.

Sometimes a walk in the woods doesn’t reveal any pattern of orderliness. Nature is frequently just plain messy, disorganized, and chaotic. My footfalls through the forrest caused large, extremely healthy-looking deer to bolt springily away through the underbrush. There was little classically photogenic to be found in the grey and brown trees of winter.

Yet this patch of water, with its tangle of downed branches and dead leaves floating, brought me to a standstill. This too is beautiful. We are meant to spend time in environments like these: our senses are tuned to the patterns of light and dark made by tree trunks in afternoon light, and mirror reflections sooth our minds.