Sic Transit

Sic Transit

Natural beauty is a temporal phenomenon.

That’s one reason that we have the phrase “She looks good for her age.” (For example, I was the mutt of my family, but time has been been generous with me.) It’s also why the preservation of youthful beauty into advanced years just looks weird and wrong at a certain point.

I was brought up with what I was told is a Quaker axiom: Comparisons are odious, what e’er the matter be. In practice, however, that phrase was actually invoked in only two contexts: money and looks. And let’s face it, that’s what most people really are interested in comparing, isn’t it?

So let’s not compare age and youth. Let’s just enjoy the contrast.

Remember: there is always someone more beautiful, more intelligent, wealthier, whatever (you name it). But there’s never anyone more you than you, so you might as well work it.

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