Golden Gears

Golden Gears at Payard, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Payard at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas wishes to assure us that its desserts are not entirely hand made.

Apparently, the creation of confections must be mechanized, or our society will collapse from an excess of pampered indulgence. After all, if it’s Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory, then it’s a healthy capitalist venture, right?

No sissified socialized sweets for us! No third-world sweatshop hand-crafted treats! No Royal Patissier’s let-them-eat-cake delicacies! Nossir: we eat teethrotters proudly made by good old-fashioned MACHINES like an industrialized nation oughta!

Just watch out for the Candy Worker’s Union, though. You don’t want to mess with them; those CWU guys play gumball.

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