Plastic Bouquet

Sometimes you just have to embrace the aesthetic of the false, the vulgar, the bogus, and the silly. The plastic lushness of this bouquet, complete with dust and cobwebs, is irresistible. In the background, you can see one of the many towers of Las Vegas. These two things go together like ham and eggs: Las Vegas is among the fakest places on the planet, and that’s part of its cheesy charm.

Consider the motivation behind fake flowers. The decorator wants to appropriate the beauty of nature, but not its expense. If the fake fools the eye, there are significant benefits: no water to change, no unsightly wilting, no cost to refresh the display every few days. Subconsciously, however, I think we always know the difference, even at a distance. We know when something is a cheat, and we know that part of the beauty of real flowers is that they fade, that their scent goes from sweet and fresh to rank. Their beauty is built on an essential transience.

Artificial blooms have their place, and they can be lovely. But for god’s sake, dust them every now and then, would you?

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