Through A Glass

Tabletop at twilight.


It was late twilight, I had just finished a lovely meal at Indique in Cleveland Park with Taina and Althea. (If you go, get a Kokum Martini and thank me later. Most. Delicious. Alcoholic. Beverage. EVAR.) I looked out the window to their sliver of an outdoor dining balcony, and spotted three glasses refracting ambient light and signage.

I ducked into the swampy evening heat and tried to take a picture, wedging myself between the window and the table, expecting the management to give me hell any second — or maybe just that I would crash through the muntin bars, lacerating my back and mortifying my dinner companions. I shot about fifteen frames, each crappier and more frustrating than the last. I had the wrong lens, the wrong angle, the wrong depth of field, and the wrong amount of available light. The entire situation was full of fail.

Still, I got this image out of it. Do I wish the bokeh were softer and more Leica-like? YES. (Can I afford a $3000 lens to make it so? NO.) Do I wish the shot were less grainy/noisy? Well, I suppose, although I have to say I kind of like its contribution to the atmosphere. Is the composition optimal? Negative, Ghost Rider. As previously acknowledged, the whole affair is resoundingly imperfect.

But look at the color palette in this picture: NOM NOM NOM NOM. (And it’s accurate too, no juicing in post.) Check out the reflections and distortions in the glass; I especially love that railing bit in the stem. There’s even kind of a mise-en-abime thing going on, although it’s more conceptual than visual.

For me, this is the child with the wonky ears that you just love to death.

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