Embrace The Stone

Tree roots form a natural bezel for a rock.

Some obstacles are obdurate. They won’t be budged, they can’t be expelled. They grate.

People tell us to make lemonade from lemons, that adversity builds character. (By the way, I think I’ve got more than enough character, thank you. If I were any more of a character I wouldn’t have any friends.) There’s a whole brand of religious thinking that encourages us to glory in our crosses.

Well. I have no desire to join the pollyanna chorus. That pearl grown on a seed of irritating sand never did the oyster much good, did it?

Here’s a stone. It’s been in place for a long time, long enough for a tree’s roots to skim its edges and secure it as a bezel holds a jewel. The rock’s not going anywhere, and the roots bent their course. The facts on the ground have been acknowledged and accepted, an accommodation has taken place.

The beauty of it is in the eye of the beholder.

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