Beauty FAIL

Smokehouse, Point Lookout State Park, VA

I needed to get out of Dodge, clear my head, see something different, go.

I looked at the map and struck out for an area in my general region that I’d never been to: Point Lookout State Park. It’s either in Virginia or Maryland; in any case, the drive there is all Maryland. Several hours of, I regret to say, spectacularly dull Maryland.

I was hoping for scenic nature and maybe some ruins. The smokehouse depicted above was the only historical remnant to be found, and there wasn’t much to it. (There was also a large, modern memorial to Confederate prisoners-of-war just outside the park entrance, complete with signage saying that it was privately funded because political correctness has run rampant in state policies. None of my pictures of it are worth displaying.)

Fishing set-up at Point Lookout State Park.

I paid my $3 entrance fee on the honor system. There were a few desultory fishermen, some fearless deer (with fawns), and the lighthouse was fenced off and visually dull as dishwasher.

As a way to get some zing back, I have to say this field trip was a complete and utter bust, and a fundamental waste of fossil fuels. Oh well.

Security fence at Point Lookout State Park.

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