Taking Steps

Steps at Dumbarton Oaks

I feel most alive when I’m doing something that feels brave or difficult, but which I nevertheless want to do.

  • Telling the truth when I’m unsure whether it will be well-received.
  • Establishing a new habit or discipline.
  • Meeting new people in a new environment.
  • Creating something and putting it out there.
  • Trying something that I’m likely to be bad at, especially at first, in public.
  • Going one step further on an uncertain path.
  • Being willing to look stupid because the people around me are really, really smart.
  • Learning a new physical skill.
  • Choosing to be optimistic and faith-full when my mood is grim.

I am not a thrill-seeker, especially. Adrenaline is not my drug of choice. What I like is the feeling of being stretched a bit, of learning on the fly, of moving beyond my familiar self to a condition of growth.

That’s it, I guess: I want to never stop growing.

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