Vintage Gold

Orchid at the Museum of Natural History, DC

Sometimes it happens that I fall in love with a photo for no apparent reason. As I wrote yesterday, I felt like I had nothing much to show for my trip to the orchid show.

And then I started looking at this image, and messing with it, and the next thing you know I found myself completely entranced by it. I honestly cannot account for it. There’s just nothing remarkable about the picture. The photographic original is technically pretty crummy.

Nevertheless, I find the colors and the slightly indistinct detail absolutely enchanting. I’ve now spent a big chunk of time immersed in this image. (I’d love to see a high-quality, decent-sized print of it, but I suspect screenglow is part of its charm.)

The impression it gives me has the flavor of early 20th century orientalism. I envision a cherry-wood paneled drawing room, with tapestries on the wall and a jewel of a Persian carpet. I imagine there’s a brief waft of sweet pipe smoke and a languid trill of laughter. It’s a world that, at its peak, is already passing, fading away, but doing so in rich and lovely style.

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2 Responses to Vintage Gold
  1. memphis mojo
    February 8, 2011 | 5:48 pm

    It does kinda grow on you.

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