Grandma’s Teeth

Prehistoric shark jaw, Museum of Natural History, DC

Here’s another primordial fear: Big teeth. Really, really big teeth.

This is an oblique view of a portion of a 7-foot-tall prehistoric shark jaw. (Pause just for a moment and try to envision the full size of a shark with a 7-foot jaw-span.) Each of those saw-edged teeth is at least the size of grown man’s hand.

And, you know, it’s not enough that this monster had ginormous teeth. Oh no, not nearly enough. Have a look at the back-up, reserve teeth. You know, just in case this big momma lost a few while chomping down on her previous meal, she’d HAVE PLENTY LEFT OVER FOR YOU.

So feel free to go down fighting, tough guy, knock yourself out. She’ll STILL have plenty of teeth for the rest of your family.

Prehistoric shark jaw, Natural History Museum, DC

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