Scandinavian Wood

Swedish Embassy, Washington, DC

Quietly, Washington is becoming a venue for excellence in contemporary architecture from around the globe. Every now and then a country builds a new embassy or chancery, and seizes the opportunity to showcase their best.

I went for a walk in Georgetown when Spring temporarily busted out, and stumbled across the House of Sweden on the waterfront. I had no idea it was there, and since it was only built in 2006 (a mere blink-of-an-eye considering my long residence in DC) I suppose that I may be forgiven.

It is quite a beautiful building. I stepped inside briefly and noted that the interior is intriguing as well. I would have taken photos but the security people were giving me stink-eye.

Swedish Embassy, Washington, DC

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  1. Rakewell
    February 20, 2011 | 5:58 pm

    The whole building is available as a kit from Ikea.

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