At Adega, Silver Spring, MD

So, here’s where the we find out how the lens works for portraits. We’re in a wine bar, the light is execrable. (And by that I mean, specifically, that there isn’t much of it, and what little there is is 3 different color temperatures: purple, green, and yellow, to be precise.)

How bad is it? Really bad. The ISO is 1600, I’m shooting at 1/80, wide open. I’ve turned on the “face recognition” function, hoping the camera can keep focus on a face in the gloom better than I can. I shot a few frames entirely convinced I would get nothing usable.

Surprise! The shot is stable and remarkably sharp considering the circumstances. I’m also stunned by how well the color balance held up under these conditions. A nice thick slather of post, and by gum, it’s a usable document.

I’ve read complaints that this lens doesn’t open up wide enough to separate the subject sufficiently from the environment. The way I see it, the bokeh on this lens is appealing enough that I don’t care if the background doesn’t completely dissolve away. Besides, at this focal length, any wider aperture and your depth of field is going to be all of about a centimeter and a half.

2 Responses to Abbie
  1. Abbie
    February 27, 2011 | 9:56 pm

    And this is so much better than any of my “professional” portraits. I love it!

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