Father, Son, Waiter

Young boy.

It was the boy who caught my eye first. Small and slight, but with a gentle, wiry intensity and an air of upbeat curiosity. Annika and I were seated at the next table over, but she was temporarily away and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a picture.

Then I noticed the father, who was so obviously the template for the child that I had to have a picture of him too.


No trinity is complete without its Holy Ghost, and I found mine in a crisp white shirt, explaining the specials to the family.


I rather regret I didn’t get a picture of Mother Mary to round out my collection.

Just a couple of quick technical observations. These pictures were all taken with the 45mm Macro-Elmarit, wide open, at 1/100 sec. They are, to my surprise, tack sharp through their (admittedly shallow) depth of field. The diffuse northern light in my section of the restaurant was particularly congenial, and the color reproduction is nothing short of perfection.

These pictures once again remind me how much I enjoy photographing people.

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