Plastic road stanchions.

There’s a lot of protected turf in DC: roads that used to be two-way that have become one-way, thoroughfares that have been cut off completely (I’m looking at you Klingle Road!), roads with traffic lights for pedestrian walkways where there is no intersection and only about three pedestrians a week.

People with the time, money, and clout to promote their street’s interests can often get traffic patterns rearranged in ways that clearly don’t benefit the greater community. And so you end up with jury-rigged items like the one depicted here. Gotta love the sophisticated use of shiny duct tape!

DC was never intended to carry the volume of vehicular traffic that it does. Every commuting day it has way too many cars pouring through its humanely-designed grid. I love my car, but I do believe DC should be a walking city, supplemented by improved public transportation and a limited number of taxis.

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