Spectators at Charles Town Races & Slots.

This is a rare (for me) shot-from-the-hip picture. The three gals—clearly related, don’t you agree?—in the middle of the frame were the initial draw. When I got home, I saw all sorts of stuff going around the edges that surprised and delighted me. This image seems full of narrative premises: the $20, the little girl with a speculative index in her mouth, the tattooed young man with the small child, the determined woman with the racing form.

I happened to have the Macro-Elamarit on the camera body. It wouldn’t have been my first choice (I would have been better off with a wider angle), but I continue to love the color quality that this lens produces. The skin tones are just super-duper-right-on-the-money. People who pooh-pooh this lens for portrait-taking purposes are missing out.

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