Audacious + Creative + Persistent

I have to say that I have this kind of crazy what-if idea all the time. What I don’t have is the audacity and persistence to actually pull it off.

Whether you buy the “art” they’re selling or not, you have to love the dazed, goofy grin on Hercules’s face as they clean out his place. Priceless!

You can read more about this project here. And, not surprisingly, the guy who famously traded a red paperclip for a house was involved.

A Year Ago: Flowerworks

Okay, I'll admit, it's been a long time since I revisited rust and decay. But this flower is just amazing. | Click to view larger.

This blossoming plant (I have no idea what it is) reminds me of those fireworks that explode in stages of color: just as one part begins to fade, another opens to take its place…
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