Kindred Spirit

I recently discovered Karen Walrond’s blog “Chookooloonks,” probably while doing some googling around the terms ‘something beautiful.’

My first reaction was “OMG she’s doing the exact same thing as me only better and with a huge following. I should quit now in despair.” Of course her work is too appealing and she is far too likable for me to devolve into bitter envy! And, since I have stated in front of a real live audience that beauty is not a scarce resource, that there is more than enough to go around for us all—I’d do well to practice what I preach, right?

Karen published her Mission Statement today, and it’s a really good one.

I will engage in the relentless pursuit of real, uncontrived beauty, in every form. I will illustrate that beauty is everywhere, even (and sometimes especially) in the most unlikely places. In so doing, I will work tirelessly to counter negativity, violence, sadness and desperation, and join forces with those who celebrate positivity, peace, kindness and joy. I will convince the skeptical of their uncommon beauty, and I will create tools for helping the weary see the beauty in their own lives. I will provide hard, irrefutable evidence that there is good in the world, and I will be fiercely dedicated to showing how beautiful our planet really is, one image at a time.

In keeping with her much more extraverted (than mine) personality, it has a more activist flair to it than my about page paragraph, the one I wrote for the very first post I made on Something Beautiful:

It’s so easy to go through life without appreciation, despite the whole vibrating, pulsing, glowing gloriousness of the world around us. I am embarking on a daily practice of noticing and sharing beauty: one small effort to counteract the laziness of obliviousness, dismissal, and cynicism that can gradually sour our outlook on just about everything.

I admire and appreciate Karen’s pursuit of an agenda we have in common. Let me suggest you check out her book: The Beauty of Different.

While our visual and writing styles are as distinct as our experiences and personalities, I aspire to integrate my advocacy for the appreciation of beauty into my professional life as thoroughly as Karen has done.

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