100º in the Shade

Bethesda alley in the summer heat.

What with all the pictures of perky-looking flowers and lush greenery and bustling insects around here lately, you’d think being outdoors was actually nice.


It’s been mercilessly hot and humid. These are the days when I’m grateful that utilities are included in my rent and I actually run my air-conditioner without guilt or apology. (Until I moved to DC, I had never lived in a dwelling that had such a luxury. In Boston and Rochester we just gritted our teeth and suffered on those occasions when the heat settled in.)

On those few occasions when it has been necessary for me to sally forth, I have done so under protest and as briefly as possible. I took this picture on one of my unavoidable outings. I don’t know that it adequately conveys the suffocating, brain-addling, eye-dazzling nature of the weather.

Perhaps I need to apply some photo fx, like so:

Bethesda alleyway in the heat.

Which one says make it stop, Lord to you?

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