Furniture, person, and art on the courtyard at the Phillips Collection

Sometimes the things I like the best about a photograph are on the periphery. What is that metal laticework protruding in from the right? Where is the rest of that bench? Whose legs are those? I like the stark geometry and the sun-stressed color palette of this image. It needs to be seen really large, but the best I can do for you is the gallery version.

Sculpture by A. Balasubramaniam at the Phillips Colllection courtyard.

Here’s another look at that odd item from the picture above. It’s a detail of a sculpture, on exhibit at the Phillips Collection, by A. Balasubramaniam. (You can learn more about the show here, and Bob has pictures that show the whole thing.)

Stairway at the Phillips Collection, Washington, DC

In this rather plain interior photograph of the stairway in the Goh Annex of the Phillips Collection, it’s the back of the chair, the air vent, the bit of wire sculpture, and the small slice of bare wood on the stairs that keep the image lively for me.

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