Old-Fashioned Landscape

Brookside Gardens, MD

I wonder what the aesthetic status of an image like this would be if the first photographs had been in color. Or if somehow—like rural portions of the world that have skipped directly from drums to cellphones—the development of photography had been direct-to-digital.

No patina of nostalgia would cling to this form of presentation. It wouldn’t tickle the “looks like an old-timey wet-plate collodion image” nerves of the brain. Would a monochrome image like this one, which is all about texture and a timeless landscape, simply be considered wildly uninteresting? (Maybe it is anyway? :D )

I get a kick out of being able to make a photograph look as if it might have been taken by Lewis Carroll from the banks of the Cherwell.

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3 Responses to Old-Fashioned Landscape
  1. Abbie
    September 27, 2011 | 11:37 am

    I’ll bite, what banks are these? I want to sit on them and take in the nostalgia!

  2. NT
    September 27, 2011 | 11:46 am

    Brookside Gardens! The place is just fantastic.

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