Inside Curve

Stairwell of Currituck Light, Corolla, NC

The view down a stairwell is iconic, perhaps even clichéd. Vertigo, anyone?

This one had a couple of quirks that made it unusual: first, it’s not a typical spiral, since the stairs curve upwards on only one half of the circle some of the time (it’s punctuated by level landings); and second, it has that neat terrazzo-tiled ground floor, with a ‘well’ in it.

Although I suffer more from fear of heights than I did when I was younger and less aware of my own mortality, I don’t really mind looking down in this way—as long as I’m confident in the sturdiness of the rail. I would, I admit, have preferred that the stairs themselves not be see-through!

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3 Responses to Inside Curve
  1. Crash
    October 20, 2011 | 1:26 pm

    I, too had no fear of heights when very young. Then, when I was a little more than your age, I got paralyzing acrophobia, first noticed on the Tower Bridge. Now that I am “elderly,” it’s much less severe. Less to lose, I guess.

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