Peppers in the bushes at Brookside Gardens, MD

Fall is coming on, apace.

The management finally knuckled under and turned the heat on in my building last night. A good thing too, since I was awake for all of it, and it was pretty chilly.

The season of candy corn—which is very important to at least one of my readers—is drawing nigh. I understand that a great part of candy corn’s appeal is its utter artificiality, but still: I’d love to see some that look like this.

I espy fabric surface design wherever I look, pretty much, but I’m betting that you, too, can imagine a motif based on this image without much difficulty.

A Year Ago: Pop

Colorful light fixtures.Last night I went to a reading at the Barnes & Noble in Bethesda given by Patti Digh of 37 Days
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