Sunrise 8

First light through the trees.

Philosophers debate the meaning, nature, and reality of free will; it’s one of the thorniest problems in metaphysics. And that’s all very well. It’s an interesting topic.

But I’m here to tell you: without free will, that picture up there would not exist.

I promise you, without the sheer bloody-mindedness of me deciding—for no inevitable or necessary reason I can identify—that I wanted to keep my public promise to myself… trust me, I would still be asleep at the time of writing this post. As an adult, I have never before consistently done something so entirely contrary to my biological inclination and personal preference, at least not without a strong pecuniary incentive.

It feels like a free (if utterly wacko) and undetermined choice. Ask anybody who knows me whether they could have predicted I would chose to do this.

Free will, I haz it. For better or worse.

[MoS Project uses my OG iPhone for pictures.]

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