Portrait of Amy in Banyan Tree

I had a marvelous time in Key West. The weather was great, the food was terrific, the sights were enjoyable, the people were friendly and helpful. Basically, it was pretty much everything you could want in a seaside getaway.

But the real reason I had a fantastic time was my friend Amy. She and I have known each other since high school. We went to the same college. We lived in the same city for many years. We have talked and laughed and whined together for decades. We share a commitment to aesthetics and both have had relatively unconventional careers. (Amy is an illustrator and children’s book author, among many other talents.) Amy is wicked smart, disarmingly goofy, and always interested and interesting.

We ate and walked and bicycled and got pedicures and henna tattoos and ate and walked and bicycled some more. We swam and napped and then ate and walked and bicycled. We conversed, kept companionable silence, and at the end of almost every day we played a sloppy game of Trivial Pursuit until we were both nodding off.

I had not seen Amy in person for many years. It was a delight to get to spend so much relaxed, unagendaed time with her. We hung out. It was fabulous.

Here are some other images to help you appreciate the splendor that is Amy.

Amy holds a palm branch in the Truman Annex.
Amy in the Truman Annex.

Amy by the light of the setting sun at Mallory Square
Amy in Mallory Square as sunset approaches.

Amy looking like a rockstar first thing in the morning.
Amy looking like a rockstar over breakfast at Azur.

Amy having a thought in the porch swing.
Amy having a thought in the porch swing.

Amy has something to say.
Amy has something to say, for sure.

Glug glug glug.
Amy does performance art.

Amy and our awesome pedicure technician, Athena.
Amy and our awesome pedicure technician, Athena.

Amy in bathing suit.
Amy emerging like Venus from the ocean.

I hope that we’ll see each other again before too much time passes.

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