Tree trunk interrupting picket fence.

This image goes a long way to summing up the charm of Key West.

It was taken in the Truman Annex, by far the most buttoned-down, groomed, and stiflingly upscale portion of town. The white picket fence rules triumphant in this neighborhood.

And yet.

The tree trunk was accommodated. The regulation march of white stakes made exception for the unruly, irregular, highly textured interruption. There’s room for wildness even in the most proper setting.

Key West still has plenty of funk, and the parts of town I enjoyed the most were the least manicured and the least touristy. But even in the most highly sanitized areas, a little bit of accommodation for edginess was made that saved them from hopelessly tedious normalcy.

PIcket fences let palm trunks through.

A Year Ago: It’s not obvious.

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