Doorway Palette

Key West front door with color palette.

Key West’s history traces a familiar pattern.

It starts in typical frontier fashion with a certain degree of lawlessness and the forging of fortunes: wrecking and salvage made millionaires, back when millions really meant something. Legitimate commerce and the military soon followed.

Eventually, in the fullness of time, the vanguard of culture arrived in the form of gay people and artists. A humid outpost at the intersection of the Atlantic and the Gulf became a destination. Good taste, creativity, a certain license, and a dose of hippy counterculture made the place fun, attractive, and appealing.

Could the cruise ships, disneyfication, and the big money development be far behind? No indeed.

Old Town has good bones: lovely small Victorian style houses modified for a tropical climate. Some of it has gone positively Martha, but the colors are fantastic. Here’s a palette that could almost have shown up in New England.

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