Key West Bicycles

Colorfully painted bikes, decorated with beads, Key West, FL

Bicycles are everywhere in Key West. They’re an easy and convenient way to get around: bike lanes are common, the weather’s great, and—as previously noted—Key West is flat like pancake.

There were two salient, if not especially surprising, features about bicycle culture in Key West. The first is the tendency to decorate, adorn, and gussy the bicycles, and the second is the rarity with which you will see anyone wearing a bicycle helmet. Tourists I can understand (who travels with a bike helmet?), but the locals are equally nonchalant about brain injury. Probably it’s just too darn hot and sticky to wear heavy headgear. I will confess that we did not.

Wispy tattoo on bicycle.

You’ve heard of bikers with tattoos, of course. Bicycles in Key West demand to be inked too!

Pedal too close to the sun for too long and this may be your fate. I suppose an all-black racing bike was a misfit in Key West from the get-go.

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