Light & Shadow, Key West

Foliage Shadows and bounced, raking light.

One of the indignities that my friends tolerate me inflicting upon them is to have a meal or a conversation abruptly interrupted by photographic urgency. This image, with its shadows and overlay of raking bounced light called to me at breakfast over Amy’s shoulder. I abandoned her for a couple of minutes to record it.

The breakfast was at Azur, the restaurant on the same property as our hotel, and after our second meal there, we decided that we needn’t go elsewhere the remainder of our trip. (Frankly, I can only wish we’d done that sooner: FANTASTIC food, delightful service, good value.) Here’s a the corner of Azur that faces onto Fleming.

Key West, FL

After our visit to the Hemingway house, we climbed the Key West Lighthouse. It’s not very high, but the view was lovely if not especially photogenic, and the breeze at the top was delightful. The interior, however, had some interesting effects of light and structure.

Key West Lighthouse, interior.

Filtered light in lighthouse.

Our Great Men Tour continued with a visit to the Audubon House. We ogled the beautiful bird prints, and I admired this humble bath-time still-life.

Bath items at Audubon House, Key West.

At some point I noticed that slats are everywhere in Key West. I guess they allow a breeze but mostly keep out the rain (and prying eyes, too). The graphic combination of slats, shadows, and tropical light is ubiquitous.

Slatted fence and palm trees, Key West.

Bonus: I liked the shadowplay on the wall so much, I also made a little video of it.

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