Window Glow

Bounced Window Light

One reason that people don’t see much of the world’s beauty is that a lot of it is indirect. It’s not something you notice by looking directly, head on, at an object. It’s not the object itself, it’s the effect of the object (its shadow or light, its color or weight or the shape it displaces in its surroundings).

Often it’s the context that creates the beauty. Or it’s something that seems intellectually or rationally or procedurally peripheral but is aesthetically profound. The equivalence between truth and beauty is nowhere near as simple or direct as Keats would have it. In the fully expanded truth=beauty equation, the terms use different variables and are modified by different constants.

We are first schooled to look for the beautiful thing (I’m not immune: look at the name of this blog!). Later, we can learn to look for the beautiful context, the beautiful situation, the beauty of juxtaposition, of relationship, of negative space, of the unconventional or unexpected. Instead of beauty nouns, we come to read whole sentences or paragraphs of beauty—maybe even couplets, haikus, verses.

One day, perhaps, we’ll see the whole book of life as the most beautiful thing imaginable.

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  1. Dale
    December 26, 2011 | 4:38 pm


    Yes. Yes.

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