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Winter Tangle

Bare trees and underbrush.

This is what a sunny winter’s day looks like in DC. There’s a very thin veil of color that remains in the landscape even in the depths of winter. This picture was taken from a wooded trail along a shallow creek, not far from my place. I wish that you could see a larger version of this image, because the textural detail of branches is really what makes it special.

As this posts, I’ll be winging my way to St. Augustine. I assume that I’ll have good wifi connectivity there and plenty of pictures to share, but we’ll see how it goes.

A Year Ago: Texture x 3

Grating, Shadow, AdobeIf you feel that you’re missing out photographically, there are a couple of easy tricks that can snap you out of the visual doldrums…
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A Little Funk

This kind of improvisational bravura delights and inspires me. It’s important to remember, however, that this is a skilled performer—he’s not only creative and playful, but obviously also incredibly hard-working. His fluidity may originally have come more easily to him than to the rest of us, but I can guarantee that since then he has invested long effort in becoming effortless.

Tip ‘o the hat to my friend Greg for pointing to this.

A Year Ago: Jewels

Condensation in a light fixture.There was a little bit of a thaw today and some sunshine. That it coincided with a weekend prompted hordes of people to pour forth from their cocoons…
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Turkish Lamp

Lamp and cast shadows on walls and ceiling.

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours this afternoon helping Liz and Abbie find wall-paint for their respective home projects. Liz wanted a cheerful, energizing color for her home office. Abbie needed something that would harmonize equally well with the hand-painted Mexican tile, the white subway tile, and the black rail tile that she’s using for her bathroom renovation. I think both of them ended up with good choices.

And, may I add, anybody (i.e., Abbie) who can put together this hallway experience hardly needs any advice from me! Totally inspired!

Two Years Ago: Vine Growth Chart

Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DCThis vine is ready for spring and another growth spurt.
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Light and shadow on the wall.

A Year Ago: Ice Tree

Sculpture Garden, Washington, DCWinter can’t last forever, can it?
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Why yes, I AM fabulous!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse more conscious of its audience than this one. The stallion pays perfect attention to the trainer at the center of the arena, but also visits and poses for the camera and onlookers (presumably) behind the window at left.

Picture this gorgeous creature prancing across a flowering mountain meadow toward an equally lovely-tressed woman: perfect shampoo commercial, amirite?

Two Years Ago: A Winter Garden

Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DCDumbarton Oaks garden is one of my favorite places in Washington. To be more accurate, it’s one of my favorite places anywhere.…
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De Soto Beach, FL

A Year Ago: Portrait

PortraitOnce upon a time, I earned my living taking pictures of people. It’s been a long while, though…
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Two Years Ago: Because it’s raining again…

Tail Light…I am driven to find the silver lining in the clouds. Or…
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How A Neighborhood Falls Apart

We interrupt your regularly scheduled dose of beauty to bring you an intemperate rant.

Royal Ahold has blighted my neighborhood.

It started when the chinese restaurant in the same building with the Giant Supermarket went out of business. Ahold, which owns the building, didn’t re-lease the space. It stayed empty. A homeless guy has lived in the entryway overhang on and off ever since.

Then the G.C. Murphy five-and-dime closed and they didn’t lease that (much bigger) space either. So that meant 2 large slots—essentially half the block—empty. They painted the windows in an effort to keep it from looking grim, I suppose, but that was little help.

Then they bought the building across from the Giant, booted the CVS and put in their own pharmacy. That was just a stop-gap, however, as gradually they evicted the furniture store, the toy and art store, a beauty parlor, and a dry cleaner/laundry. Then they closed their own pharmacy, and now—the last straw—my local Starbucks is closing on January 29th.

Supposedly, they’re going to build a big fancy new supermarket, a mixed residential and retail center, etc. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile, we’ll either continue to have vacant real estate and empty storefronts (this process has been going on for TEN YEARS at least) or the mess and mayhem of construction, and in any case none of the cosy neighborhood conveniences that made this area so desirable.

Royal Ahold has steadily degraded my environment. Instead of just improving their crappy grocery store, which they could have done at any time, they have systematically sucked the life out of two whole city blocks. It is a very bad example of corporate citizenship.

A Year Ago: Showing Your Work

Concrete and light dazzle.Until modern times, “showing your work” was a virtue largely restricted to solving math problems. For works of art or craft, the goal was a perfection…
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Desert, wires, mountains, sky.

To me, this is quintessential Albuquerque: the brown of the desert, the blue of the sky, and the works of man barely registering in the purple haze. If this landscape appeals to you, New Mexico is the place to be.

A Year Ago: Flood Light

Waiting area, Dulles International AirportWhat do you see?
I see a man walking on water inside a building. A miracle…
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Florida, Again

Bird on post, Key West, FL

I’m sticking with the avian theme to let you know that I’m making another trip to Florida in just over a week’s time. I’m heading to St. Augustine and the Jacksonville vicinity for five days.

Now that winter has declared itself here, in the form of the dreaded “wintry mix,” I can’t say that I find the prospect of a little warmth unwelcome.

A Year Ago: Dulles Departure

Entering the secure area at Dulles International Airport
I saw my brother Aaron off at Dulles International Airport.…
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