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Fenced In

Playground fences, Arnold, MD

If yesterday’s photograph looked like an old-fashioned cyanotype, today’s has a vaguely solarized look.

It was taken with my iPhone, and then put through the wringer in Aperture, as I was unable to get the colors to look the way I remembered them. In the end, I wound up heavily desaturating the image so that its color problems became less of an obstacle.

A Year Ago: Not One Thing Straight

Curio shop, Del Ray, Alexandria, VAThis place embodies the term ‘eccentric.’…
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Sea Nettle

Sea Nettle, National Zoo, Washington, DC

Because I have become a walking martinet, I marched Bob down the hill to the National Zoo and back up again. Fortunately, in between he took over and I wound up enjoying the Invertebrate Exhibit, which I had somehow never seen before. We skipped most of the insect stuff, but lingered over the beautiful undersea displays of coral, anemones, crabs, lobsters, nautili, and other wonders.

I was, however, deeply disappointed that after describing the intelligence and learning capabilities of the octopus, the large and beautiful specimen they had was plopped into a completely bare tank, devoid of anything that could hold the interest of a sentient creature. Boooooooo.

A Year Ago: Abbie

At Adega, Silver Spring, MDSo, here’s where the we find out how the lens works for portraits…
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Boardwalk Z

Anastasia Beach, St. Augustine, FL

This is another photograph that really works best HUGE. Richard Misrach had the right idea for this sort of landscape: you need a large-format camera that gets every last twig and grain of sand in exquisite detail.

A Year Ago: Some Buds

Tulip magnolia buds, I think. | Click to view larger.If you’re going to have a picture where almost nothing is in focus…
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Gull waiting for fish.

This was the most diligent gull I’ve ever seen. Unlike all her wastrel brethren who wheel and lounge by the seashore, waiting for scraps and trash to make themselves available for the taking, this bird was actively fishing. She dove into the water and was occasionally rewarded with a tasty morsel (not a fish, I don’t think, but perhaps some sort of bivalve?).

All her diligence, however, didn’t dispel the aura of melancholy that seemed to cling to her. I wondered, what is her secret sorrow ?

A Year Ago: The Right Way Lost

Sculpture of Dante Alighieri, Meridian Park, Washington, DCNel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,
ché la diritta via era smarrita…
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Twig & Bloom

Flower macro.

Bob is here for the week; blogging may be lighter than usual.

A Year Ago: Memory & Promise

Dried flower.Here’s the remains of a season past holding the seeds of a season to come…
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Let the Evening Come

Street view of sunset.

The sunset I’m interested in is the one happening in the window-plastic on the right.

A Year Ago: Stairs

Steps in GeorgetownAs I‘ve mentioned before, I used to be a militant photographic fundamentalist…
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A Wonderful Rant

…about photography (with some excellent pictures). Not mine, but worth reading.

A Year Ago: Hungry for Color

Granny Smith appleStarving for it, really…
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Railbirds Redux

Three people contemplate the ocean, St. Augustine Beach, FL

I kept looking at this picture and thinking to myself Why does this look so familiar?

This is why.

A Year Ago: Under Wraps

Covered scaffolding, Georgetown, DCWrinkly and a little worse for wear, covering a scaffolding that’s there to support either repair or demolition…
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Copper Top

Color selections from a copper-clad pier, Annapolis, MD

Apparently capping the ends of piers with copper is a thing. I’d never seen it (or maybe never noticed it) before. I’m a big fan of copper patina, and couldn’t resist getting up close and personal with this riveting example. (See what I did there?)

There’s all sorts of color goodness to be had from this image.

A Year Ago: Waiting for Spring

Two girls on the boardwalk.As I write this, the ever-popular “wintry mix” is falling from the sky…
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The White Picket Fence

White picket fence, Annapolis, MD

Apparently I can’t get enough of these things, and I tend to like them in black-and-white. This is another iPhone grab from our stroll around Annapolis.

But maybe I should have left it in color. What do you think?

White picket fence, Annapolis, MD

A Year Ago: Font

Bishops Garden, Washington National CathedralI love, love, love this lens: look at the gorgeosity (not a word but so what) of the out-of-focus water surface…
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