The Balcony

Downtown Old St. Augustine, FL

This image sums up many of the pros and cons of St. Augustine. It was taken in the heart of the old downtown, which has been turned into a pedestrian mall. The center of town has certainly been touristified, but not in an especially unpleasant manner. The place still has “good bones.”

The winter sky is a bit overcast, but blue nonetheless. The weather is warm, as you can easily ascertain by the light clothing worn by our Juliet-stand-in on the balcony. And her pose sums up the relaxed, unstressed attitude of just about everyone I met while I was there.

It’s not clearly visible, but at the far end of that street is a marina and the Intercostal Waterway. Palm and deciduous trees are peaceably cohabiting. The town is built on a European plan and at a human scale, but its vibe is thoroughly American.

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