Seeds of Spring

Seed wings on oak tree.

I tweeted an Instagram version of this image not long after I took it (which is all you need to know to deduce that I used my iPhone for this one). And while I like the soft, muted quality of the Instagram version, I don’t think it captures the concentrated, almost muscular force of Spring that I see embodied in these seed sprouts. I wanted to see it bigger (Instagram automatically downsizes) and brighter.

It’s worth pausing and acknowledging just how good the tiny lens in the iPhone is. Seriously, the thing is petite-pea-sized in diameter! Yet it generates a 5MP image that resolves an impressive amount of detail with remarkable color accuracy. That people are able to carry around a point-and-shoot camera like this just because they have their phone on them is nothing short of miraculous.

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2 Responses to Seeds of Spring
  1. Jean Ruaud
    March 25, 2012 | 12:40 pm

    Beautiful ! I have upgraded to 4s recently, I am certain that the precedent lens (on the 4) suffered some kind of defect. I’m hopeful for this new one.
    Miraculous indeed, almost magic.

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