Tulip stamen.

To be open is to be vulnerable. To be seen is to face the prospect of being judged. To be transparent is to surrender the sleights and feints that distract and obscure the messy, human, magnificent truth.

To do these things willingly, to openly be who and how and what you are, requires tremendous strength and will and clarity. It is not natural to us to make ourselves radically visible. It requires a degree of self-knowledge and self-acceptance that rarely come without the experience of struggle and pain, and never without love. It demands the death of a constructed self, the cracking and removal of protective shell, the sloughing of camouflage from body, mind, and spirit. There will be consequences.

This is freedom. This is life. This is resurrection.


A Year Ago: Hanging On

Dried leaf caught on bush with leaf buds.We’re having a long slow spring…
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