Obey The Muse

Still life with shadows.

That Muse, she one impatient bitch.

There I am, enjoying an interesting conversation with dear friends, after a delightful meal. Minding my own business, you could say. My eye wanders to the back corner of the dining room. The early evening sun, not quite setting yet, is filtering through two rooms, catching on a vase, silhouetting some dried branches, and casting signficant shadows on a yellow sponge-painted wall.

Everything flies out of my head except the need to make the picture now, now, now.

I mumble “excuse me” and rush into the living room, fumble out my camera and wedge myself into the corner between the table and the piano, where the light is already changing, already fleeting. The sun is moving into the trees, the shadows have shifted. The vision is already blurred.

The settings in my camera are, as usual, all wrong for this shot. I have to change the ISO. I’ve got no depth of field. I make three exposures just because at this point, why not?

And just like that, the light is gone. Two minutes, at most.

Little known fact: there is no Greek Muse of painting—or by extension, photography. The visual arts weren’t considered dignified enough to get a Muse assigned to them. We’re just a bunch of cheap illusionists, appealing to the baser senses and instincts, apparently.

So I guess it’s wrong of me to blame my socially deviant behavior on a Muse. I have to take sole responsibility for my wayward impulses.

(Hmm. Maybe I can find another excuse.)

Oh wait. I think maybe I was just born this way.

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