Buried Fist

Rock embedded in ground.

In the version of T’ai Chi I’m studying, there’s a posture in the final third, not far from the end, called “Step Forward to Seven Stars” (why, I have no idea). In any case, it involves winding up with your forearms crossed in front of you, your hands held as fists and the “eyes” of the fists pointed toward you. In other words, you’re looking at your fists end-on, with the thumb and index finger showing curled up.

When I first moved to DC, a rather kitschy but fun statue called “The Awakening” was installed at the end of Hains Point. It consisted of various giant body parts (no, not THOSE parts) emerging as if from slumber in the ground. I remember visiting it one weirdly romantic but surreal evening—actually the wee hours of the morning—and climbing onto a giant hand. The sculpture was subsequently moved to National Harbor in Prince George’s County.

So this photograph—while admittedly nothing particularly striking, visually—creates a curious and entertaining mash-up of unrelated experiences in my head. It has the flavor of a pun for me, somehow. It also makes me wonder how other things could be made abstract by burying them or presenting them at an unusual angle.

I like the idea of a buried fist (much like a buried hatchet): a visible renunciation of violence.

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