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Do Not Touch The Dinosaur

Signage from Artomatic 2012

This seems like good advice.

(I regret I didn’t note the name of the artist at Artomatic whose wire sculpture of an apatasaurus bore this sign. I’ll update it after my next visit to the show.)

A Year Ago: Ghost Flowers

Big white blooms.Summer apparitions…
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Sunset Blades

Myrtle tree and grass in late afternoon light.

Thoroughly exhausted today. Because I love you all, I managed to hork up this image. Please don’t hold it against me.

A Year Ago: Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry, WVI spent a few hours in Harpers Ferry on Sunday…
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Condensation in plastic bottle.

Another entry in my condensation collection.

Two Years Ago: Industrial Decay

Construction detritusI am not alone!

It’s always a comfort to discover that others share your secret obsession…
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Ceiling light.

I am apparently fascinated by ceiling fixtures, as I photograph them with great regularity but with only occasional success.

A Year Ago: Run Away

People and dogs in park.Time to go have some fun, or at least take a break…
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My Two Favorite Young Men

A good-as-family photo.

That’s me, happily sandwiched between Seth and Eric. I am so lucky to have known these young men their whole lives. They started out wonderful and are only getting to be better, ever more interesting, ever more delightful human beings.

They’re both heading off for summer jobs and I don’t know when we’ll all be in the same place at the same time again. But they’ll always have a big roomy spot in my heart.

Blue Dots

Water droplets through metal grating.

Selective focus. It’s a great technique for photography, and some people would claim that it’s great for life too.

I’m willing to believe them, but I’ve never been able to sustain it for very long, myself.

A Year Ago: So Green

Grass and trees.The long slow spring of cold and rain, with its endless fashion parade of flowers…
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Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD

I will admit right out of the gate that I’m excessively pleased with this picture.

It was snatched out the driver-side window—with my phone—while the car was stopped at a light. I actually made two frames, this was the better one. You can see that there’s lens flare in the middle of the picture, and quite a bit of noise in the dark areas, but neither of those technical flaws bothers me. In fact, I think they contribute to the texture and atmosphere of the image.

Is it nice to have a great camera, with prime glass, and a wicked sensitive sensor? Yessir, it most certainly is. If I felt like I could afford it, I’d be clicking through my shopping cart buying another camera body right this minute instead of typing this post.


It is not and never has been about the equipment. Whatever camera you have, you can make great pictures with that camera. Whatever optical limitations it may have, you can work within those constraints to make something beautiful. You can learn how your camera sees, and then you can learn to use your vision to make something to show to others and share your way of seeing the world.

And that’s a tremendously satisfying experience.

A Year Ago: Matte/Shiny

New and mature leaves.Shiny and new becomes old and dull…
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Cupcakes in plastic containers on bar towel.

It’s a lot easier to sell soda and cupcakes than it is to sell giclée prints of my photographs.

A Year Ago: Sparkling

Sawa Sawa sparkling sake.Have you had sparkling sake?…
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Magnolia Bud after thundershower.

Too early.

Magnolias are not supposed to bloom until at least a week or two into June. But like everything else this year, they are way ahead of schedule.

I emerged from my afternoon shift at Artomatic just in time to see the heavens open up and deliver a bucketing thunderstorm. That, plus the unseasonable flora, has me feeling a tad apocalyptic (if the phrase itself isn’t too oxymoronic).

So it doesn’t surprise me to find this flower, the classically over-the-top Southern belle, presenting its least feminine aspect.

Two Years Ago: Father & Bride

Abbie and DaveAbbie and Denis’s wedding was a lovely occasion…
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Bag Claim

Dulles Airport

The original capture here was so flawed that I pretty much decided to just toss that badboy out with the bathwater. The only reason I share it with you today is that I think it has good bones. The geometry and texture of this space are scrumptious.

A Year Ago: Subtle

Dogwood.I’ve opined before that photography is principally an editorial art
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