Ceramic cup on wooden tray.

Probably the single most thoroughly competent human being I know is my friend Lynn. She is an accomplished professional: COO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She is a brilliant organizer and motivator. She is one of those people that gets things done, and generally makes it look much less difficult than it truly is. And she does it all with a generosity of spirit and integrity that are truly impressive.

Her qualities as a wife (I’m told!), mother, and friend are equally marvelous.

But here’s something you might not guess about Lynn on first acquaintance: she is an artist. As long as I’ve known her she’s been a maker—a knitter, a quilter, and now she is learning to be a potter. She has impeccable taste, a strong sense of design, and the willingness to be playful and inventive with her materials. She doesn’t make much fuss about her creative gifts and products, but I know that she gets pleasure and satisfaction from the process.

She made this cup.

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