Kiva Update

Kenyan cafe proprietor.

Last year, in September, I made my first Kiva loans. In all, I invested $100 in four borrowers—all of them women.

The first one, Nao, a fruit-seller from Cambodia repaid her loan nine months ahead of schedule.

Ruth, a Kenyan woman who makes soap and detergent for sale, is already prepaying some of her debt from a loan to which I contributed from the money repaid by Noa.

Let Dzame impress you with the power of micro-finance and an unbelievable work ethic. This Kenyan woman operates a cafe in a rural home with no running water or electricity. She has eight children. I participated in a loan to her this past April. Her very first repayment in the schedule was more than required.

Today, I reinvested my Kiva returns once again, lending to Elene, a woman in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. She wants to buy another cow for her cheese-making business.

So far, in less than a year, my original $100 has become $175 in loans (not including a few bucks I donated to Kiva from the starting amount). Seven women are making economic headway in part thanks to my extremely modest contribution. For my money, this is nothing but WIN.

Won’t you join me in helping out people like Elene who really, really need help? You can do it FOR FREE. (Your first $25 loan costs you a grand total of nothing, that’s $0. Zero. Dollars. Why wouldn’t you do that?)

Please join my lending team: Something Beautiful.

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