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The Gilded Age

Vesibule, City Building, Asheville, NC

This structure is almost psychedelic.

Two Years Ago: Face to Face

A young man I met at the fountain in Silver SpringHe came straight to me, close in, straining against his mother’s hand…
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Strange & Wonderful

This young man’s body is not like the rest of us. He’s a strange cross between stick insect and yogi.

I’ll let you decide for yourself if this performance is beautiful or not. I find it equal parts attractive and repellant, but I also experience a powerful aesthetic impulse in response to it.

A Year Ago: Intrusions

Sculpture by A. Balasubramaniam at the Phillips Colllection courtyard.Sometimes the things I like the best about a photograph are on the periphery…
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Brick Coke

Faded advertisement wall for Coca-Cola, Asheville, NC

I like places that are layered, where the past is still present. I like places that don’t try to cover up the memory of other times, when things were different—sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always a shaper of the way things are now.

Let me not sentimentalize too much or be too precious about the aesthetics of history. Some things are good enough gone. But let me see where the bones still poke through.

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Little Ganesha with flower and food offerings.

I consider myself a pretty rational person. I tend to make big decisions after examining the alternatives quite analytically. I don’t ignore my gut (especially when it’s screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO), but neither am I primarily ruled by it.

Sometimes, however, all the analysis and reason in the world are no longer of any use. Sometimes the outcome of a situation is completely out of your control. You have done your very best and now the results are in the hands of others or of the environment or circumstance. There’s literally nothing else you can do to influence the situation.

Which is, of course, maddening—if that outcome is something you care about. Hence: superstition. Thus: magical thinking.

Meet my new favorite thing/idea/universal lever: Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacle, Lord of Beginnings, Lover of Wisdom.

A Year Ago: Jacob’s Ladder

Flowering vine climbs to lamp.Climbing up and down between the earth and the light…
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Biltmore Arbor Presence

Classical bust, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

The super-wealthy occasionally do society a favor by having good taste and ultimately making the fruits of their aesthetic choices available to the public. The Biltmore Estate falls into this category, I think. We only dabbled our toes (as it were) in what it had to offer, because the heat today was truly oppressive.

I look forward to visiting again and again.

A Year Ago: E Pluribus? [Warning: Political Content]

Dry fountain on Roosevelt Island.E pluribus unum.

That’s our national motto, and it’s stood us in pretty good stead for most of our history…
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Part of the Scenery

Restaurant exterior, Asheville, NC

The hard part of the trip is over. Tomorrow will be a day of true vacation with Amy, and then back to DC on Friday.

A Year Ago: 100º in the Shade

Bethesda alley in the summer heat.What with all the pictures of perky-looking flowers and lush greenery and bustling insects around here lately, you’d think being outdoors was actually nice…
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City Building Light

Asheville City Hall, NC

Amy and I spent about 45 minutes wandering around Pack Square. The City Building’s pink marble and deco decoration caught our attention.

A Year Ago: Imperfect View

White butterfly on flower.A more skilled photographer would have noticed the blurred twigs impinging on the image as it was taken…
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Head of Diana in forest.

Still totally preoccupied. But it looks as if I’ll be heading back to DC as scheduled on Friday.

A Year Ago: Kinds of Green

Trees, grass, bushes.On a day when the heat index soars into the triple digits…
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Move Over, Maxfield

Sunset-lit cloud over the Grove Arcade, Asheville, NC

Maxfield Parrish, that is. The evening sky in northwest North Carolina continues to impress.

I am still running around like crazy not taking photographs. I hope that there will a break from the monomania in a day or two, but there’s also a slight possibility that I may extend my stay here in Asheville a little longer. Please bear with me!

A Year Ago: Made of Meat.

Horizontal slice of MRI brain scanI had my brain scanned via MRI…
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Luray Limits

Crossroads before entering Luray, VA.

I chose the HD ratio because this looks like a movie still to me. Something is about to happen when we travel through this crossroads, don’t you think?

Let’s hope so: I’m on the road again for a week, back to Asheville.

I will probably be way busier than the last few visits, as my dear friend Amy will be joining me for much of the time. Expect intermittence.

A Year Ago: Restless

Stacked outdoor chairs.I recently made the mistake of watching two charming films Paris, je t’aime and Midnight in Paris
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