Little Ganesha with flower and food offerings.

I consider myself a pretty rational person. I tend to make big decisions after examining the alternatives quite analytically. I don’t ignore my gut (especially when it’s screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO), but neither am I primarily ruled by it.

Sometimes, however, all the analysis and reason in the world are no longer of any use. Sometimes the outcome of a situation is completely out of your control. You have done your very best and now the results are in the hands of others or of the environment or circumstance. There’s literally nothing else you can do to influence the situation.

Which is, of course, maddening—if that outcome is something you care about. Hence: superstition. Thus: magical thinking.

Meet my new favorite thing/idea/universal lever: Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacle, Lord of Beginnings, Lover of Wisdom.

A Year Ago: Jacob’s Ladder

Flowering vine climbs to lamp.Climbing up and down between the earth and the light…
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