The Big Picture

Woman collecting stones below waterfall.

They’re fascinating, the details. You can get your hands around them. You can inspect them up close. They take your mind off your soggy trouser-cuffs and the enormity of the world and smallness of your place in it.

But there, behind you, is the source. There’s the wild, scary, looming beauty—the urspring, the origin, the unstoppable, limitless beginning that makes it all possible. You are not separate from that immensity. You pulse with the same flow, your molecules are made from the same stuff.

So claim it, let it speak to and through you. Don’t be intimidated, be awestruck and inspired. Don’t turn away from it, lean into it and let it sustain you.

We are already embarked on this incredible adventure.

A Year Ago: Early American Kitchen

Kitchen at Monticello, VANOT. (Emphasis on the kitsch in kitchen.)…
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