The Story of Leaves (part 2)

Close up of shrub leaves.

Occasionally something happens which reveals the working of a person’s own mind in a startling way. This picture is one such occasion.

As always, while prepping this image for posting, I toyed with what I would title today’s entry. Having settled on an HD-format crop, which I have previously described as having an inherently narrative quality, I immediately thought of scrolls and storytelling. I’ll call it The Story of Leaves, says I to myself. That’s a great title, sorta poetic and evocative and all.

So I’m working on the Gallery post, and I notice that the WordPress software has appended a “2″ to the upload of the image. Say what?

Oh yeah.

On the plus side: my train of thought is consistent. My aesthetic has some rationale to it.

On the down side: early Alzheimers.

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