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Tomorrow I’m on the road. The next time I post here I’ll be living in Asheville, NC. See you soon!

A Year Ago: Images from TEDxMidAtlantic (2)

Boy with imaginary gun.
More TEDxMidAtlantic…
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Postcard From Here

Still life with dried flowers.

The enforced interiority of bad weather is settling upon us. I haven’t been making a lot of photographs lately as it is, so I have little visual to offer at the moment. I don’t even have yarn to knit with.

The upshot of it is: Sandy the impending Frankenstorm is putting everybody else into a suspended state similar to that I’ve been in for the last few weeks. I’m not sure, however, that misery really does love company.

A Year Ago: Summer’s Flower

Butterfly on flowering plant.The summer’s flower is to the summer sweet…
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Intertwined vine trunks.

So, everyone is bracing for the Frankenstorm. I am having a hard time getting worked up about it, just on general principle. Which pretty much guarantees it’ll be a monster.

I hope that it doesn’t mess with my travel plans.

A Year Ago: It’s Nice to Be Rich

View from Currituck Light, Corolla, NCSome people are kind enough to make their playgrounds available to the public…
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Population: me.

The weird interregnum continues. I drift around to big box stores and design boutiques, learning about home appliances and tiles. I spend hours at the library, reading—you know, actual paper books you miraculously do not have to pay for—a wonderfully old-school pastime.

A week from today I’ll be in Asheville, for good. The new adventure will commence in earnest.

I’m looking forward to it, but I’m frightened too. And it will be very strange to go from this weird interval of lull to full-bore activity on so many different tracks.

A Year Ago: Sound Sunset

Currituck Sound, Outer Banks, NCLet’s break some rules, shall we?…
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Mirrored sky and landscape in pond.

I find myself cautiously optimistic concerning the Transactions That Must Not Be Blogged About Lest They Be Jinxed.


A Year Ago: Peppered

Peppers in the bushes at Brookside Gardens, MDFall is coming on, apace…
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Purple berries, green leaves.

Straight out of the camera (iPhone, no less), this eye-bending Pop Art juxtaposition of purple and green needs no manipulation. Get your berry on, son!

A Year Ago: Sunstruck

Wetlands, Corolla, NCNo wonder I felt so wonderful there.…
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Man reflected in metal surface at diner.

Contemporary nostalgia: a yearning in the present for a past that never quite was.

A Year Ago: Inside Curve

Stairwell of Currituck Light, Corolla, NCThe view down a stairwell is iconic, perhaps even clichéd…
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Hipster Breakfast

Croissant, Café au lait, MacBook Air

If someone told me that this would be breakfast for the rest of my life, I could live with that.

A Year Ago: God’s Eye View

Lightkeeper's Residence, Currituck Light, Corolla, NCRaise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of flying (by your own power, not in a vehicle)…
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Gourds hanging from trellis, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

I want to sing along.

A Year Ago: Finding Perspective

Jockey's Ridge, NCIt’s not unusual for people to ask me about my aesthetic choices…
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The Narrow Gate

Narrow wooden door in stone wall with danger sign.

The greater the barrier to entry, the less sure I am that I want to go there.

A Year Ago: Ocean View

Gazebo, dune, sky, and sea in Corolla, NCI am no expert on seaside vacations…
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